Patient Stories


Hear the inspiring stories of real East West Medical Group patients and their experiences with acupuncture or other services we provide. All testimonials were voluntary and unpaid.

Stabbing Victim From Fullerton Describes His Miraculous Recovery

Patient Finds Relief After 10 Years of Neck Pain

Traumatic Auto Accident Victim Goes From Near Complete Disability to Mountain Hiking Again

Brain Cancer Survivor Cured of Chemotherapy Side Effects from Acupuncture and Herbs

Patient With Spinal Compression Fracture Finds Relief After a Year of Constant Pain

Patient Recovers From Shingles After Two Years of Unsuccessful Conventional Treatment

Patient With Pain From Osteoarthritis Fully Managed With Acupuncture

Patient Healed of Back Pain Caused by Surgical Procedure

Patient Avoids Surgical Procedure Altogether For Pinched Nerve

Patient With Arthritis No Longer Needs To Use a Walker

Marked Reduction of Symptoms in Patient with Tinnitus

Return Patient Also Finds Relief From Psoriasis With Acupuncture

Acupuncture Helps With Infertility...

...Pregnancy Symptoms...

...And Becoming Non-Pregnant Again (Inducing Labor)

Patient With Shoulder Injury Cured Without Drugs or Extensive Therapy

20+ Year Fibromyalgia Sufferer Finds Acupuncture The Most Helpful In Managing Symptoms

Patient With Debilitating Knee Arthritis Regains Functionality 

Patient With Work-Related Injury Gains His Life Back

10 Years of Surgery-Induced Chronic Back Pain Relieved After One Session

The Phrase "Got My Life Back" is Commonly Heard At Our Clinic (Shoulder Pain and Arthritis)

Acupuncture Has Been Long Documented to Bring Feelings of Relaxation As A Secondary Effect

Patient After 23 Years Of Medication For Acid Reflux No Longer Requires Medication

Patient With Sciatica Healed, Also Recommends "Tea Time" Herbal Tea Product For Weight Management

Patient With Excruciating Pain From Lumbar Degeneration "Sees The Light"

Plantar Fasciitis Managed After Previous Unsuccessful Treatments From Podiatrist

Patient Desperate For Hope Finds It At East West Medical Group

Neuropathy And Pain Due To Chemotherapy Cured With Acupuncture

Sciatic Pain Relieved After Just One Treatment

Acupuncture And Exercise Program Helps Patient With Neck and Back issues

Numbness, Tingling, And Sleep Issues Cured With Acupuncture

Patient With Leg Paralysis Able to Walk Again

Former Dancer and 30-Year-Long Patient Receives Acupuncture For Regular Health Maintenance 

Acupuncture helped her through herStage 4 Colon Cancer, that Metastasized to the liver

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